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Translation of PDFdocuments in Warsaw

PDF, abbreviation for Portable Document Format – it is a file format used for presenting the text and graphic content and transferring and printing files. It was developed in June 1993 – it is hard to believe, but it is already over 25 years old!

PDF conversion and translation

When a translation office receives a file with a text for translation in PDF format, the translator responsible for carrying out the order must first of all run their technical sense, in order to somewhat extract the right content from the provided document. Because the ways of saving files are different, the procedure will not be always the same. The least problematic are PDFs created from a text file, basic processing is enough here. However, professional translations of PDF documents assume that the office has proper tools to deal also with other source databases (e.g. PDFs created from scans or graphic files). In the case of the latter, OCR (English Optical Character Recognition) software is useful– optical character recognition).

How does a PDF file work?

While the format reader is provided free of charge, you have to pay for modifying PDF files. In the network, however, there are applications that are used to work on these files and convert them to other formats, though not all of them are reliable. Fortunately, there is no problem with supporting the Polish print characters in PDF, it is provided by free (and paid) Windows drivers.

Unfortunately, a PDF file has its drawbacks causing difficulties for the user while working. For example, up to the times of the Adobe 7 version, you could not enlarge the text only, but the entire document. This is a small thing and has already been repaired, a bigger problem is the difficulties occurring when copying from a document – for example, loss of Polish characters or abnormal breaking – and exaggerated protection against splicing.

Specialists cooperating with the Lingua Group office are able to cope with the security features of PDF files and after separating the content in a proper way to provide the highest quality, accurate and conscientious translation. What's more, it happens quickly and on time, even if copying the text requires more effort and thus the working time extends. In the case of non-editable texts, this is usually because you always need manual corrections applied by a human, even after conversion using a special program. The translation office usually converts the PDF to WORD format, as it is most convenient when it comes to the use of additional CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation).

You can therefore entrust Lingua Group with the text to be translated in PDF format without fear. This is convenient because, despite some restrictions in use, it is a very popular format for saving CVs, application documents, presentations or contracts.

PDF documents translation – language offer

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