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Sworn translations online

A sworn translator as a person of public trust, whose activity is regulated by law, can undertake tasks that are not available for an ordinary translator

The Act on the profession of a sworn translator in Poland has been in force since January 27, 2005. A full list of people who carry out this profession and the text of the act can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

The scope of activity of a sworn translator

Documents that a sworn translator deals with can apply to private people, companies and state authorities (such as prosecutors, police, ministries or courts). Their role is to translate official documentation, legal acts, official and procedural documents, they can also verify and authenticate translations and copies made by another person. To certify such documents the translator uses a seal with the name, position on the list and information about the rights they have. In the case of documentation in electronic form, however, they use a qualified electronic signature – such a possibility exists since the year 2016.

A good sworn translator must be above all a trustworthy person. They deal with confidential information every day and they must be able to keep it secret. They should be characterized by precision and diligence, because official and formal documents are to be translated as faithfully as possible.

Who is a sworn translator?

To use the name of a sworn translator, you must meet a number of conditions. First of all, you need to have Polish citizenship (or citizenship of one of the European Union Member States), higher education, not necessarily in the philological field, and full legal capacity. A non-EU citizen may only apply for entry on the list if it is permitted by EU legal regulations regarding employment or self-employment of a person from his country in Poland.

The most important element, however, ispassing an exam. It is a two-part (oral and written) state examination before a special commission, which is personally under the patronage of the Minister of Justice. If the exam is passed with a positive result, the candidate shall take an oath

Violation of these policies results in liability – from a warning to deprivation of the right to practice the profession of a translator. This legal responsibility and regulation are the most important differences between a sworn translator and an ordinary translator.

Sworn translators at the Lingua Group office

We will provide a professional sworn translation service online, among others, of the following documents:

  • Powers of attorney and contracts;
  • Diplomas and certificates;
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and other certificates issued by the Civil Registry Office;
  • Copies from KRS (National Court Register);
  • Wills;
  • Certificates, invoices;
  • E-mails
  • Letters and court orders;
  • Other official, public and process documentation.

A sworn translator online – language offer

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