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Document translations in Warsaw online

Documents translation is a popular service – customers often need it. It is often necessary to settle official matters, to submit applications for a new job, for inheritance proceedings, company registration and in many other cases. Authenticated sworn translations are not always necessary, but even in the case of ordinary translations, it is better to order a professional who is familiar with the right terminology and aware of the differences that may arise at the administrative and legal levels in different countries. In this way, we will save time and the need to re-deliver documents in case of making a mistake in the self-made translation. It always pays.

The duty and responsibility of a document translator

Online documents translator is aware of the responsibility that rests on them. They deal with confidential information, personal data and other sensitive data. Special responsibility rests on a sworn translator as a person of public trust. Fir substantive or formal mistakes made in translation sworn translators may be held liable and in extreme cases may lose the right to practice their job.

Online documents translation requires knowledge of legal rules, proper nomenclature, language differences in the used terms – not all of them have their direct equivalents – as well as precision, diligence, accuracy and, of course, the ability to keep personal information secret.

A sworn translation or an ordinary translation?

We need the services of a sworn translator when documents requiring translation have legal force. Authentication will be necessary if we register a car, regulate ownership issues, certify employment and marital status, sign a sale and purchase agreement, submit papers to foreign banks, namely always when dealing with official institutions. If a document bypasses state institutions and offices and does not have to be legally binding – ordinary translation is enough, though of course it has to be performed reliably by an experienced professional. To be sure, it's worth knowing whether a certified translation will be needed in a particular case . However, if we have an ordinary translation, a sworn translator does not have to do the translation anew – it is enough if they certify the translated document with their own seal.

Lingua Group Translation Office provides its clients with professional translation of all types of documents, both authenticated and ordinary. Each translator cooperating with our office is 100% trustworthy and guarantees accurate and timely execution of the order keeping the highest quality standards.

We will translate every document!

Examples of frequently translated documents:

  • Contracts, agreements, invoices;
  • Civil Registry Office certificates: wedding, birth, death, divorce certificates;
  • Notary deeds and legal acts;
  • Registers and certificates;
  • Car documents;
  • Personal documents in the form of certificates, diplomas, driving licenses, identity documents (IDs) and certificates of the possessed rights;
  • Court documents;
  • Medical documents.

Online documents translation - language offer

About "LinguaGroup" - Translation Agency in Warsaw

We have been working in the translation industry for many years and provide services to organizations, enterprises and individuals. We have an excellent reputation and value our image, which we earned honestly and put a lot of effort into it. Working on translations we help our clients to accomplish all their tasks.

The team of LinguaGroup Translation Agency in Warsaw are professional translators who know the specifics of using foreign languages. We provide translations of legal, technical and medical tekts, advertising materials, credit and financial documentation, and analytical texts. If you need a competently and professionally made translation, LinguaGroup experts are ready for work!

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