How does our translation agency in Warsaw work?

The customer can come to our office in Warsaw (Marszałkowska str. 2 (ground floor) or returns to us via telephone, email or a special form on the website. Then attach the necessary documents. Our office makes the necessary valuation and sends to the orderer to confirm several variants of the price (depending on how urgent the translation is).

After receiving confirmation and payment (or partial payment), one of the specialists immediately proceeds with the execution of the order.

We are focused on the electronic (online) way of providing services, because it is faster, more convenient and safer. In this way, information leak is excluded.
You can place an order in the following ways:

1. By completing the order form. Please click on the "Order translation" option.
2. Sending us a message by e-mail or calling us.
We offer:

1. Setting of the translation deadline.
2. Valuation of the translation.
3. Then we send you several variants of the price and deadline.

1. After agreeing the price and deadline, as well as after receiving the payment, we start the translation;
2. We translate text and documents quickly, qualitatively and on time;
The order is ready!

1. You receive a high quality translation always on the agreed date.
2. We send the translation in the way convenient for you;
3. We invite you to further cooperation.

Let's get to know each other

LinguaGroup is a team of professionals

You no longer need to look for somewhete to order a translation of documents, agreements with foreign partners, medical certificates or scientific articles. Please, entrust this matter to our specialists! LinguaGroup will provide efficient and high quality execution of the order. The company has the widest spectrum of services, we are ready to meet the requirements of each client.

Entrusting us with a job, you benefit from the services of professionals. Numerous positive opinions about the company confirm that our team will translate the text at the highest level. Regardless of how specific the translation you need is, we will quickly deal with any order of any difficulty.

Please place your order online and masters of their thade will take care of your document.

Written translation

The service provides for conveying the meaning of a text written in one language, by means of the another language. It is valid for the translation of contracts, business magazines, publications, as well as artistic and general materials or websites.
We entrust written translations only to experts who are familiar with the nuances of the source and target language as well as the specificity of the subject. For example, many phrases from Russian cannot be literally translated and then it is necessary to look for analogy. For an artistic text, it is important to preserve and communicate the emotional sense. LinguaGroup masters competently make high-quality translation, ensuring  quick implementation of the task set before them. Wherever you are, just place an order and we will send you a ready translation.

Technical translation

The specificity of technical texts lies in the stock of terminology. As a result, basic philological education is not sufficient, and some technical knowledge is also required. In addition, this type of translation is related to the use of formal-logical style, precise formulation, specific phrases and linguistic terms.
Translating a technical text is usually done by an expert who has a degree in philology and the subject matter. If there is no such expert, two employees are appointed: first, a specialist with knowledge in the necessary field performs the initial translation, and then the verifier-philologist makes the editorial. In this way, the client receives a guarantee of high quality translation, correctly reflecting the sense and nuances of the source document.

Notary translation - authenticated

An authenticated translation is performed by a licensed translator who signs the document and provides it with their seal and attaches a statement on the accuracy of the text. In this way the expert guarantees the accuracy of the translation and then bears responsibility for it. A notarial translation is performed by any specialist with philological education and is certified by a notary public who does not verify whether the text has been duly produced but only certifies the translator's signature.
Notary translation (authenticated)  used for documents confirming the identity, education, bank documents, notarial or achival documents, issued by the Internal Affairs Bodies or courts or contracts. These are typical documents required by another country in connection with taking up work, study, treatment, for emigration purposes, etc.

Why we are chosen by customers

A good reputation and numerous positive reviews are not all the benefits that LinguaGroup offers its customers. Please pay attention to our advantages:
  • we only employ experts with profile education, we specialize translators in terms of subject matter and type of translation;
  • our team consists only of qualified specialists, graduates of the best higher education institutions in the country, as well as certified sworn translators;
  • all employees regularly improve their qualifications and keep training in their profession;
  • we deal with European, Arabic, Asian languages and all types of translations;
  • we accept orders online from customers around the world 24/7;
  • we guarantee an individual approach and confidentiality;
  • we offer a convenient payment system, affordable prices, discounts for regular customers;
  • we perform translations efficiently thanks to the optimized and improved order processing system;
  • we provide a guarantee of quality.

About "LinguaGroup" - Translation Agency in Warsaw

We have been working in the translation industry for many years and provide services to organizations, enterprises and individuals. We have an excellent reputation and value our image, which we earned honestly and put a lot of effort into it. Working on translations we help our clients to accomplish all their tasks.

The team of LinguaGroup Translation Agency in Warsaw are professional translators who know the specifics of using foreign languages. We provide translations of legal, technical and medical tekts, advertising materials, credit and financial documentation, and analytical texts. If you need a competently and professionally made translation, LinguaGroup experts are ready for work!

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