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Legal translations in Warsaw

There is a great demand for specialists in legal translations services, but the focus on this particular field is not a challenge for everyone. There is a need of enormous knowledge and great diligence to become a translator of legal texts . Their structure is different to other, ordinary texts, also in terms of sentence structure and the use of punctuation, but the used terminology is the most important here. Problems can, for example, be caused by the fact that in the Polish legal system some terms change their meaning in relation to particular branches of law – which means that e.g. the word " curator " may have different equivalents in a foreign language depending on the context.

Formal and specific language

Literally every comma is important here, every term has its place and every phrase has to be precisely used. The knowledge of law is therefore indispensable for a translator. They should also have the skills characteristic of lawyers, such as the ability to analyze and perceive the legal context or the interpretation of regulations. Legal documentation is often confidential, so it requires discretion from the translator. The translator must also be aware of the extent of their responsibility. Making a mistake, improper use of a term, or imprecise definition of the phrase may result in a dispute at international level or serious problems for the company.

It is worth adding here that legal translations do not always have to be certified or performed by a sworn translator. However, this is usually necessary in relations with offices and for the judicial authorities and most often also for public administration.

Legal translations and legal translations in Warsaw

Although we often come across the interchangeable use of the term " legal " and "legal", you have to realize that they are by no means identical. In the case of translations, where precision is what matters the most, the distinction is particularly important.

In the legal texts we can list documents prepared by legislative bodies, such as the constitution, resolutions, regulations and international agreements. They use a formalized language and established phrases in which there is no place for freedom, because their meaning is clearly defined.

Legal texts , in short, are the ones written in the language used by lawyers. These will be industry articles, phenomena analysis, educational materials, dictionaries, textbooks and comments, as well as legal documents that are not legal texts, such as contracts, acts of incorporation of companies and notary deeds.

We undertake legal translations!

At the Lingua Group, legal translations are performed only by experienced specialists with in-depth knowledge of law and legal terminology.

Often translated legal texts are, for example:

  • Acts
  • Standards and directives;
  • All types of regulations;
  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Statutes;
  • Resolutions.
  • Legal translations – language offer

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