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Technical translations in Warsaw

Each specialized translation requires from the translator not only having excellent command of a foreign language, but also a good orientation in the topic that is being undertaken. Therefore, technical texts are entrusted to people who are close to such fields as automotive industry, construction, transport, IT, engineering or agriculture.

Reliably implemented technical translation must be free from distortions that can completely change the tone of the text, as it often contains specific data, numbers, parameters or instructions . The translator takes the responsibility, so they must take care of the task as much as possible.

How to do technical translations?

First of all, the translator must feel the technical aspects well, well enough to know which direction to follow. A simple person will not realize that they are dealing with complete nonsense having nothing to do with practice, but the translator must be aware of it at first glance. The knowledge of the topic goes, of course, along with mastering the vocabulary and nomenclature of the industry . It is often very detailed and complicated.

Technical translations at the highest level

To keep properly high level of service, a technical translator – like any other specialized translator – is constantly learning and completing information . Also because technical fields, such as technology, information technology or robotics, are developing at a rapid pace. Something new is still appearing, progress and change are taking place, new products are being introduced, new processes are being implemented. It is not easy to control it, but it is necessary. Even cultural differences can be important in the process of implementing technical translations, although this is not the first association that arises. This is not only about formal differences (such as measures and weights or currency names), but about the way of formulating a text so that it reaches a specific group of people and has the expected effect, especially in the case of regulations or warnings. Even the official communication should therefore be formulated taking into account the cultural context.

Technical translators cooperating with the Lingua Group office have the necessary skills to carry out such assignments at the highest possible level. They combine language proficiency with thorough knowledge of the subject, industry and vocabulary. They constantly follow emerging new trends and reach for professional literature, and if necessary, consult their doubts with experts. The texts are coherent and linguistically correct, and in addition they are delivered in a short time.

We will translate each technical documentation!

We can easily translate the following texts into any language from our offer:

  • Machine operation, installation and servicing instructions;
  • Technical cards with specifications and device parameters;
  • Catalogues, user’s manuals;
  • Service books;
  • Patents
  • Quality certificates;

Technical translations – language offer

About "LinguaGroup" - Translation Agency in Warsaw

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The team of LinguaGroup Translation Agency in Warsaw are professional translators who know the specifics of using foreign languages. We provide translations of legal, technical and medical tekts, advertising materials, credit and financial documentation, and analytical texts. If you need a competently and professionally made translation, LinguaGroup experts are ready for work!

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