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Translation of car documents in Warsaw

That is it! The dream car is ours. We are proud, happy, satisfied and we cannot wait to drive our perfect car on the Polish roads. However, before this happens, some formalities must be completed. And here the help of a translator turns out to be necessary.

The most frequently translated documents are purchase-sale agreement, registration document and vehicle card (or its equivalent) . However, it is necessary to take into account the differences that result from the specificity of the country of origin of our car. It is best to start by simply making a phone call to the office and presenting the case details to the clerk. We will then receive information about the type of documents that we will need to translate.

In every country there is a different registration certificate

To register a vehicle imported from Germany , we translate the so-called small brief (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I) and a large brief (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II), as well as a purchase contract or an invoice.

In the case of France it will be a registration document (Certificat d & rsquo; immatriculation) and a contract (invoice).

With regard to England – proof of registration (V5c) and contract (invoice).

Regarding the car from Sweden , a two-piece registration document (Registreringsbeviset) and a contract (invoice).

In Czech Republic technical proof (Technick & yacute; průkaz) and contract (invoice), the offices also often require the Czech registration document (Osvědčen & iacute; o registraci vozidla), while proof of emission, which can also be found in a set of documents, is not necessary to register.

If you are registering a car from the Netherlands , in addition to the registration certificate (Kentekenbewijs) and the contract (invoice), you must translate the so-called RWD small, i.e. proof of vehicle check-out, and RWD large, i.e. details of the person taking the vehicle out of the country.

Other necessary car documents that need to be translated

In addition, you may need proof of customs clearance if your car comes from outside of the European Union, and an excerpt from the certificate of approval (or the decision to release the vehicle from it). The last point concerns motorcycles, mopeds, tractors and new cars with an internal combustion engine. Let us make sure in advance whether the seller has equipped us with a set of necessary documents.

If purchase-sale agreement has been prepared in a foreign language , it must be translated. If it is bilingual, it should be certified by a sworn translator . Most vehicle registration offices require this authentication.

Stages of car registration

When online document translation has been completed and we have them in our hands, you can proceed to the next stages of car registration . In the case of importing a car from abroad, it is necessary to perform a technical examination of the vehicle, make an appointment first at the customs office, then at the tax office and the communication department, and finally car insurance . As you can see, there are some paths to beat and formalities to accomplish, however, Poles do not get offended by them - nevermind; importing a car from other countries is very popular among us.

Lingua Group translation office allows you to use services of sworn translators who can translate documents or authenticate with their stamp the documents we already have translated.

Translation of car documents online – language offer

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