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Specialized translations in Warsaw

When the texts do not go beyond the knowledge and terminology available to a person who has a general secondary education, we deal with ordinary translations. Those that contain professional terminology used in a given specialty or are general legal texts, are already part of the definition of specialist translations. In addition, some of the specialist translations are characterized by a high degree of difficulty – then they require very detailed industry knowledge, knowledge of the specificity of the field and complex terminology.

Specialized texts – what does it mean?

Ordering a specialized translation, we want to be sure that it will not be done by an accidental person, but by a specialist with very specific, detailed knowledge. That's why translators with various specializations cooperate with the Lingua Group office.

Thanks to a wide group of specialized collaborators it is possible to offer translations from such areas as law, medicine, IT, finance, economics, marketing and all types of technical translations . Each of them has well-established knowledge, which they constantly develop,, knows the specificity of the industry in relation to the country of the language into which they translate and the country of the source language, uses specialist names and terminology. Each of them is also aware of the fact that they have a serious responsibility that making a mistake, however small, can have serious consequences. Documents that use precise legal language, technical specifications that use data and numbers or medical records – full confidence in the translation of such texts can only be bestowed on a person with specialized education or proven, many years experience and competences.

Specialized translations in practice

Specialized translations are a huge and very complex field of translation. It simply results from the numerosity of topics that may be involved, some are extremely narrow, very niche. A good translator makes sure that any doubt is resolved and in case of difficulty or uncertainty, consults with professional literature or asks another expert for help. Verification of the translation in terms of content by the second pair of eyes often allows to avoid unnecessary mistakes and omissions, which is very important where precision counts specially. A person performing specialized translations must have a wide range of skills: not only know the field they deal with, but also have above average linguistic competences. Knowledge is not everything, you still need to give the translation the correct form, correct and syntactically, editorially and grammatically proper.

Many years activity of the Lingua Group translation office has enabled us to build a team of trustworthy specialists in various fields whose skills and knowledge can be fully relied on.

We will translate specialized texts!

Examples of translations of specialized texts from various fields that we will undertake:

  • Bibliographies, monographs and articles;
  • Machine manuals and technical documentation;
  • Medical history of the patient;
  • Descriptions of research and scientific conclusions;
  • Financial analysis;
  • IT software;
  • Drug registration cards;
  • Scientific publications in the field of medicine.

Specialized translations – language offer

About "LinguaGroup" - Translation Agency in Warsaw

We have been working in the translation industry for many years and provide services to organizations, enterprises and individuals. We have an excellent reputation and value our image, which we earned honestly and put a lot of effort into it. Working on translations we help our clients to accomplish all their tasks.

The team of LinguaGroup Translation Agency in Warsaw are professional translators who know the specifics of using foreign languages. We provide translations of legal, technical and medical tekts, advertising materials, credit and financial documentation, and analytical texts. If you need a competently and professionally made translation, LinguaGroup experts are ready for work!

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