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Medical translations

Medicine and pharmacy are demanding fields, diverse, functioning according to strict rules. Specialist terminology and vocabulary apply to them. In the case of medical translations, the responsibility of the person performing the translation is enormous. Here you cannot afford the smallest mistake.

Medical translations at the highest quality level

In the process of translating medical texts there are several key elements to be taken into account. The first is of course the remarkable complexity of medical terminology . It is quite noticeable that even doctoral thesis arise on this subject. In order to provide medical translations at a sufficiently high level, the translator must move freely in the maze of prefixes and suffixes, be familiar with the basics of Latin, and often also Greek, learn the basics of anatomy, know chemicals, not to mention the specificity of the industry and the principles of its functioning in Poland and in the world. It sometimes happens that differences between individual countries pose difficulties. For example, the hospital system in Great Britain, the United States and Poland are different. The administrative structure is different, the equivalents of the specialization names may not be the same as well and sometimes they are missing.

The translator must also be aware that a text should be formulated differently for specialists in the industry, familiar with medicine and pharmacy, rather than the one intended for simple people.

Features of a good translator of medical texts

You know, no one, even the best specialist, is an omnibus. They cannot absorb the vast amount of knowledge from every branch of medicine. A good medical translator is the one who has the basics of knowledge and the industry is close to them , but above all they know where to look for clarifying their doubts. They efficiently uses professional literature and databases, have a network of contacts among doctors and scientists, know the right questions and consistently strive to verify information. In the case of these specific translations, the method of the second pair of eyes works well, i.e. the ready translation is checked by another translator also specialized in the subject.

Medical translations at the Lingua Group are performed conscientiously, carefully and at the highest level, only by experienced specialists who are well educated in this field.

Mistakes are unacceptable!

Here a mistake made by a translator is the risk – even for someone's health and life. A false dose or name of the drug, omitting in the translation information on the existence of allergy to a substance, incorrectly formulated disease history or a mistake in training recommendations are not small defects that can be neglected. These are serious mistakes that can have tragic consequences . A translator specializing in medical texts always focuses on using the right terminology. Checks and verifies everything repeatedly, if necessary – consulting this with another specialist. They constantly improve, read, explore knowledge. It is their duty and responsibility they are aware of.

We will translate medical documentation!

We will translate all texts related to medical topics, such as:

  • Examination results cards;
  • Characteristics of hazardous substances;
  • Drug information leaflets;
  • Description and instructions for use of medical equipment;
  • Scientific articles;
  • Industry correspondence, e.g. pharmaceutical concerns;
  • Educational, training, advertising materials, presentations;
  • Information about medicines and medicinal products;
  • Medical records of patients, including treatment history, results of tests carried out, medicines used, details of hospital stay.

Medical translations – language offer

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