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Online websites translation

We live in the time of a global village. The spread of the Internet has blurred the boundaries between users from different countries. The distance will not be a problem when we want to interest someone with our product or service. However, the language barrier will certainly matter.

Advantages of translating a website

Translation of a website opens a company to the international market and gives it a chance to exist outside the local environment. A network of professional contacts is established and the group of recipients is growing. There are real chances that potential customers are also in their group. The greater the brand recognition in the network and the more satisfied customers from the international environment, the more measurable profits and success of the company . Translating a website into one of the less common languages ​​may also be the first step to effectively enter a niche market, which may outstrip the competitors.

A site in more than one language version makes a good impression on customers – also those who use its source language. This is a clear signal that the service is successful, that there is a wide demand for it outside the local market, and thus is perceived as professional, trustworthy. As the product is popular in the world, it must be good – such a belief anchors in the recipients' subconsciousness.

A company that has made an effort to create a foreign language version of its website is associated with ambition, commitment and effort. These are positive connotations that automatically translate into the receipt of the offer. The website therefore becomes a showcase and a reason for legitimate pride.

Professional www websites translations

The task of an online translator is therefore to implement a website version that will be presented in a foreign language as well as in the source language. Even after the translation is completed, the office still supervises the updating of the content of multilingual websites. Aspects taken into account during translation are of course linguistic correctness and attention to the substantive layer , it's obvious – however, it is equally important to pay attention to the target market and specific cultural context . Translators cleverly use phrases and synonyms so that the text version after translation still fits the page layout. The elements to be translated are mostly articles, link descriptions, banners and sliders, navigation buttons, presentations, menus, descriptions of photos and videos, business cards.

Of course, the translation of the website and its location, that is adaptation to the requirements of the local culture, is only one side of the coin. The second is to let people learn about it thanks to the high position in the search results. At the translation stage, you can implement content optimization for SEO. Extracting keywords and translating them in the form that is most popular in a given country or area serves this purpose. The next point is to translate the meta tags and title tags and give names to pictures.

In the Lingua Group office, we can count on a comprehensive online translation of the website with keeping all the rules of the art. Thus, we have a guarantee that our website will not only reach a large number of recipients, but we will also gain a reputation of diligent professionals who are worth trusting.

Online websites translation – language offer

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